African Mango – Weight Loss and Health Benefits in One Supplement

buy african mangoThe African mango is a variety of fruit that is found in the rainforests
of Cameroon in the continent of Africa.

Here the fruit grows in abundance and is an important part of the diet of West Africans who eat the mangoes directly as fresh fruit or use it to thicken soup.

Within this special African mango is a seed called the dikka nut.

This nut is the source of many health benefits. To buy African mango is to open up the opportunity to lose weight and improve health as proven by studies at the University of Cameroon.

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Weight Loss and African Mango

Many people who buy African mango seed extract have found that it is a fantastic aid for weight loss. In fact a study at the University of Yaoundé in Cameroon showed that of a total group of forty participants in a trial, half of that group who were given African mango seed extract supplements at a dosage of three times a day for one month lost an average of five and a quarter pounds in weight.

buy african mangoThis is a significant weight loss especially as it was effective for the majority of the participants in the trial. The second group were given a placebo instead of the real African mango and this resulted in a weight loss of just over a pound in weight on average.

This incredible result achieved by the trial group taking African mango is believed to be due to a hormone it contains called leptin. This hormone is a natural appetite suppressant that reduces appetite by signalling to the brain that satiety levels have been reached. Leptin also burns body fat, so when you buy African mango, you are receiving a dual benefit for weight loss.

Like all supplements that aid weight loss, the individual experience can vary, but results are very positive with African mango.

High Cholesterol and African Mango Seed Extract

TheCameroon’s University study also found that the study group taking African mango showed improvements in cholesterol levels.

Blood tests showed reductions in triglycerides and LDL “bad” cholesterol. However, levels of HDL, “good” cholesterol increased. The placebo group showed no change in cholesterol levels.

African Mango Seed Extract for Diabetes

A further Cameroon University study in 2009 took 100 people who were overweight or obese. Half of this group were given African mango and the other half took a placebo.

Ten weeks later, the researchers found that the group taking African mango had far more stable glucose levels. The conclusion was that taking African mango seed extracts would be helpful in controlling insulin resistance for diabetics and sufferers of Type II diabetes.

It should be noted that before taking any supplements, you should consult with your healthcare professional.

When you buy African mango, you can be confident you are buying a supplement that has been subjected to in depth research and trials with proven benefits.

Whether you wish to lose weight, improve health, or just use a supplement that will provide you with multiple benefits for health then buy African mango to start your health improvement program.

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