African Mango Reviews

african mango reviewsHi there and welcome to my article where you will learn what the African Mango reviews are saying about this very popular weight loss supplement.

I’ll provide real user African Mango reviews in this article as well as research to backup any weight loss success.

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Clinical Studies

Supported by a controlled trial of 40 obese individuals, where some were administered African mango and others not, those who were administered the African mango supplement had a reduction of bad cholesterol, LDL triglycerides, and increased good cholesterol, HDL.

These individuals were monitored every week by a dietician and maintained on a diet identical in calories.

The outcome of the research suggests that the African mango’s soluble-fiber substance assists in slowing digestion and amalgamation of dietary sugar.

In addition, the fiber attaches to bile acids within the intestinal tract and aids in releasing it from the body, pushing the body to transfer extra cholesterol into the bile acids, thereby benefiting cholesterol levels.

However, studies also concluded that patients could receive the same benefits by eating a diet rich in soluble fiber.

african mango reviews

Benefits of Taking African Mango Supplements

With the current epidemic of obesity, it is no surprise so many consumers are searching for ways to lose weight through a natural diet supplement.

The benefits of taking an African Mango supplement is not only about losing weight, it benefit’s the overall health of the individual as well.

The African Mango supplement is the right step towards living a healthier life, acquiring more energy, exercising, and taking better care of ourselves in general. This supplement is only the first step in helping individuals get their lives in order as far as their health is concerned.

The African mango consists of seeds that have proven to be rich in fiber, helping to increase the speed of dietary sugars absorption within the body, besides helping digestion. In no uncertain terms, the African mango helps to decrease blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol, and help you to feel fuller longer.

All of these reactions assist in weight loss along with additional fiber that rids the body of toxins.

Facts about African Mango Weight Loss

Research shows that 150mg of the African mango seed extract taken twice-daily displayed important improvements in body weight, fat, and waist size, as well as additional benefits.

These additional benefits were present even if the individuals participated in no exercise or change to their diets. Other studies have shown comparable results, with individuals losing 8 to 10 pounds without altering their lifestyles.

The positive news is that at this point, there have been no negative side effects reported. The extract from African mangos has been consumed for 100s of years in large amounts daily. Studies indicate certain tribes have consumed African mango extract for over a decade with no harmful derivatives.

african mango reviews

What Do African Mango Reviews Say?

Actually, in the UK there have been reports of an unexpected side effect, increased libido! One doctor quipped:

“a supplement that assists in weight loss and helps the user feel sexier, seems too good to be true.”

However, this is what individual have been reporting.

While individuals in trials did experience initial weight loss, more research is required to see if continued use of African mango supplements yields any further benefits.

Any African mango reviews that states, “every possible test has resulted in 100% perfect results,” would be an exaggeration.

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