A Comprehensive Guide to the Benefits of the African Mango

african mangoThe gifts of Mother Nature are simply amazing to say the least, especially when it comes to clear-cut diet and fitness products.

In recent times, the African mango has sprung up to become one of the most popular diet supplements, alleged to help lose pounds, manage cholesterol levels, increase body energy, and balance blood sugar just to mention a few.

But with very many counterfeit products on the market appealing specifically to people within this domain, you are justified in doubting anything that you are expected to introduce to your body.

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So, is it a hoax?

Unless you are a physician or an experienced lab technician capable of verifying the exact composition of the African mango, then you are left to rely on the pool of information gathered on the same. The fact that it is a fruit typically means its juice carries one or more vitamins and minerals.

On the other hand, the pit or seed has been proven to contain medicinal benefits evidenced from extensive research and clinical tests.

Among those who avow the tremendous advantages of this West African fruit extract is Oprah Winfrey’s favorite dietician, Dr Oz; who deemed it a medicine cabinet must-have.

african mango Benefits of the African Mango

The fructose content acts as a surefire way of guaranteeing enough energy and stamina for the day ahead. Taking a diced fruit or a glass of mango juice during breakfast not only prevents rapid hunger but also gets more work done throughout the day without the usual fatigue.

Additionally, the African mango contains a substantial percentage of soluble fiber which doubles up as roughage, slows down digestion and absorption of sugar, and combines with bile enzymes to convert more cholesterol to bile acid.

Eating the fleshy fruit also has an intestinal cleansing effect that demonstrates remedial properties for colon disease, Crohn’s disease and other abdominal-related disorders.

The cashew-like seeds which are known as dikkanuts to the natives possess several benefits when used as a consistent dietary supplement. Surveys show that the Cameroonian and Nigerian populations that use the African mango and its extracts have pleasantly lean physiques and reduced cases of cardiovascular disorders.

Weight loss and cholesterol management: Any pop-ad claiming to help in shedding off extra pounds usually gets many views and possibly a fair share of purchases. This particular product helps burn fat, lower LDL cholesterol levels (high LDL content in the blood causes blockages and hardening of artery walls), increase presence of the beneficial HDL-cholesterol, and suppress appetite.

Leptin is a hormone that controls fat deposits around the midsection as well as controlling appetite. Most overweight people form a resistance towards Leptin, thus have little ability to expel excess fat; the seed extracts reduce this conflict.

Checking blood sugar: African mango diet supplements have been proven to control blood-glucose levels and absorb diet sugars.

From the hundreds of testimonials from diabetes patients whose conditions have improved remarkably, this is a reason to celebrate, considering that these products have zero side effects.

Should You Try It?

African mango is a relatively new diet supplement and more comprehensive research is necessary to ascertain any and all claims to prevent desperate people from falling victim to con artists.

However, it is quite clear that its health benefits cannot be overlooked and a fruit a day coupled with the recommended dosage of supplements from a qualified practitioner is a sure way to stay happy and healthy.

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